This happens quite a lot with clients new to Adwords. There are many reasons why your Adwords text ads are not being shown. Here are some common reasons and what you can do to check for problems.

Payment and budget type issues would be the main cause. Waiting for a payment to be processed can vary. The time required will depend on which payment option you selected. For example, if you have opted for Pre-Pay by direct credit then it can take up to 3 days for the banks to process payments. If the credit card or debit card is rejected, the ads are suspended until the account is paid. At the campaign level there can be issues. Your campaign requires $20 a day for your ads to show all day, and your budget is $10, then your ads will only be shown for 50% of the searches for your keyword term. You receive a lot of clicks earlier in the day meaning your budget ran out, so your ad won�¢ï¿½ï¿½t be shown at all in the evening.

Ads Under Review. It can take take up to 5 days for ads to be reviewed and approved. Remember you must follow the ad guidelines. Note that if you change an ad, Google reconsiders it and treats it as a new ad.

Any time you want to test for ad, or keyword delivery problems go to the Keywords tab of your campaign and find the Status column. There is a little “talk balloon” graphic on the line for each keyword. If you hover your cursor over the graphic, this tool will run an instant diagnostic on that specific keyword, testing quality score, relevance, and landing page load times. If there’s a specific problem this tool can suggest what it might be. From there you can go to the Ads Diagnostic Tool.

The Ads Diagnostic Tool can also be accessed by the Opportunities tab. Put in the information for your campaign, making sure to include a search location that is inside your campaign’s geotargeted area, and language and run it. It will test all of your campaign keywords to see if they’re active to trigger ads at that moment. If there’s a problem, this tool can suggest what it might be and point you in the right direction.

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I’m Peter Davies a SEO/SEM consultant focused on Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation, On Page and Off Page best practice techniques working in beautiful New Zealand.


If you suddenly found yourself out of work, the first thing you have to do is to recognize the fact that it is not about you. People tend to personalize this traumatic life event, blaming themselves for what happened. But little do they know that it might not be about them after all. It may be about the company or its failure to reach its target clients.

Bottom line is, do not feel that frustrated and de-motivated after this tragic event. What you can do is to accept that your company or employer cannot afford you anymore then move on. How do you move on then?

Moving on is the subject of this article. How do you actively look for opportunities after getting laid off? Well, for starters, dust off your rolodex and scan it. It is who you know that is important right now. The people you know or who you have interacted before might just be the people who can help you in your present predicament.

Networking is something you should continually be doing. Just like in a marriage, networks need to be nurtured. You have to constantly work on your relationships. It is important that you engage someone on a daily basis. Personally, I make it a point to have coffee with friends or colleagues at least three times a day. Actually, it does not even have to be scheduled. I was in the mall one day when this lady who was distributing print brochures approached me and talked to me about their service. While I was not very interested in what she was offering, I listened and realized that the lady has far greater potential. She was articulate, smart and confident. One thing led to another and now she is gainfully employed in my company as our communications officer.

The key to good networking is talking to people when you do not need something. This usually starts a relationship. Keeping in touch is crucial and doing it in the most precise moment is even more important. I had contacts that suddenly ring me after six months looking for a job. At this point, you question the agenda of the person. Always make it a point to establish your presence long before you need something.

The trick here is to know when to ask and how. For instance, be conscious of your message if you are looking for job contacts. Be like a brochure printing which only aims to sell. What should come across is that you are ready to take on greater challenges and opportunities – not that you have been laid-off. Do not come across as desperate.

Rather, exude a positive demeanor and surge forward with the confidence of a person who is out to get what he wants in his career.

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.


The State of Internet Companies in China
Knowledge of the impact of Baidu in China has reached the Western world. I think Baidu’s presence had been felt when Google entered the China search market 5 years ago, but Baidu’s market share grew during that time to 63% to Google’s lowly 33%.

The same goes for Facebook, Myspace and Twitter who never took off in China, partly due to Chinese Censorship (aka The Great Firewall of China) but also partly due to the majority Chinese Internet companies like Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu creating popular copycat versions of their own.

eBay Problems in China
One example is eBay entrance in the local market. They purchased the Chinese auction house EachNet and dominated the e-commerce market. The problem was Alibaba came along with their Taobao.com auction site and took over. The reason being EachNet charged for placement listings whilst Taobao did not. The market share moved swiftly across and eBay ended up leaving China in 2006, surrendering to Taobao.

It seems Chinese companies were swift in their actions to create online companies, get them out there and build up a fan base. Chinese entrepreneurs have done a great job in duplicating what is already available and tailoring it the local communities wants and needs.

Why is Baidu so Popular
It could be because they’ve been around the longest since 2000, have become an established search portal during that time and also perhaps that Chinese users don’t know of anything else which can compete. Baidu is the ultimate portal since it offers news, search (free, paid, book, video, blog searches), links to downloading mp3 music or movies and online communities.

Market Share of Search Properties
Comscore released the following information in late 2009, which is pretty interesting as it shows the % ownership of the most popular search engines in each Asian country:

  • China: Baidu.com Inc. (63.00%)
  • Hong Kong: Yahoo! Sites (58.90%)
  • India: Google Sites (89.10%)
  • Japan: Google Sites (47.50%)
  • Malaysia: Google Sites (71.10%)
  • New Zealand: Google Sites (80.50%)
  • Singapore: Google Sites (72.30%)
  • South Korea: NHN Corporation (49.30%)
  • Taiwan: Yahoo! Sites (65.40%)

According to ICM in 2009, 77% of the Korean population use the internet which is a staggering figure. Search portals like Altavista (remember them?), Nate and Simmani are popular in Korea whilst Cyworld is a popular social network service which uses it’s own virtual currency called Dotori. Sites like Aladdin and Danawa are Korea’s answer to Amazon.

I haven’t written much about Indonesia on Best Blogs Asia but I found out its advert market is the biggest in South East Asia with a $4 billion spend in 2008-2009 alone! The problem is this spend isn’t in the online market, due to lack of growth in the country’s infrustructure and cost. Friendster is the most popular social networking site and targetted advertising could be focused on the gadgets/electronics industry are it’s believed Indonesian’s like to change their mobiles every 6 months!

According to Comscore 2009, Japan is the 3rd largest country in the world with highest number of Internet users. Ecommerce sites like Rakuten are popular and the top search engines are Yahoo and Google Japan.

Other Countries
I don’t have enough space to list all the other countries in Asia, but India is the next big country taking off. The problem with India is similar to China with Government control, although things are a little worse due to Paypal being blocked in the country due to credit/banking/currency problems.

Affiliate Programs in Asia
The affiliate market scene in Asia isn’t great, but it is developing in places like Singapore and Malaysia with famous full time bloggers like Sabahan, Xia Xue and Liew CF who all make a living off their earnings. Programs like Google Adsense seem to be most popular, but there is money to be made from Asia based Networks like Zanox (Apple), Nuffnang (Pringles), ChineseAN (Newsweek) and JoYo (Chinese Amazon).

About the Author

Giles Dawe is the owner of Uncover China Directory, Aiming to be the biggest Search Directory in China.


Growing amount of online business makes it hard for each person to be successful in this field. To sell their products more efficiently, online businesses need an adequate number of targeted web traffic.

You will need to advertise in order to have larger amount of web traffic. Advertising generates targeted traffic and targeted traffic results in more sales.

Given below are some ways to draw interested people to your website.

Write a small piece of article regarding the product you are promoting and then get it published in any article website.

It is generally free to get your articles published in a website. You will just need to do is put some effort to write about your product and then submit it for getting published.

You will some how have to write articles that are both interesting as well as useful in order to get grab the attention of the interested readers. This is how you can be doing well in this kind of advertising.

In order to know whether tour article is worth reading, request your friends and relatives to read it and give their honest view about your article before you post it in any websites.

Make sure that you keep in mind to include your website’s URL at the end of your article.

The visitors who visit your website are themselves a huge source of advertising. They generally themselves suggest their friends to visit your site if they find it interesting and from thereon it keeps spreading which results in larger targeted traffic. Your web site should always be mind capturing for this to take place.

The website should be crafted in such a way that the minute a visitor enters your site his attention is captured. For this to happen you will have to think of something that keeps your visitor stuck to the website.

SO no you would be wondering what this ‘something’ is that captures people’s mind. Think about the title of your webpage. Experiment with something that you think would capture the attention of your visitor and lead them into staying in your website. Don’t spell out your company’s name because that would be a little too formal or unexciting.

You can think of something cool related to the product you are promoting accompanied by an article. Take care to remember to keep your site how much ever easy to access as you can.

You could also think of advertising on websites that sell the same product as yours. You could request the webmaster of the site to share advertising link with you.

This could fetch targeted traffic to your website. You would have a wrong notion in mind that advertising for your opponent is not a very good way of doing business. But always remember that your competitor is also advertising for you and that fetches targeted traffic for you the same way you bring targeted traffic for them.

You could consider it as a partnership. Always remember to advertise only in quality websites.

Purchasing advertising space on websites that converse about topics related to your product is one more way to attract targeted traffic to your website.

Another excellent way to increase the flow of traffic to your website is by taking part in discussion groups that include topics related to the product you are selling.

Always make an attempt to reply to people’s query about the product and also bear in mind to put in your website’s URL after each post. This would make the visitors understand that you are well-informed about the subject and would think of visiting your site again.

It would keep your visitors interested if you put some extra effort in replying to their queries correctly and as soon as possible. You could include lines like:

For added information visit our website: http://www.productinformation.com.

Try to get listed on some famous search engines like Google and Yahoo. Drawing traffic form these popular search engines are most of the time not free. But always keep in mind that they can truly help in increasing your website traffic. Prior to getting your website listed, make certain that your website is completed and totally functioning.

Even though you feel that having high traffic in your website is a good thing, many people say that excess of good things can turn out to be bad. This applies to web traffic too. Too much of it may slow down or even prevent users to access your website.

This is due to the reason that when there is large amount of web traffic, then there is excess of file upload and download requests that your server just can’t handle. This is the outcome of too many people trying to access your website at the same point of time or even due to attack of viruses.

You will have to close down your website when this happens and it therefore it can have a negative impact on your business.

Keeping this reason in mind make sure that you only advertise I websites linked to your product to ensure targeted traffic. By advertising in websites that are irrelevant to your product as it will result in unnecessary traffic.

Do not try to advertise in very popular website case you own a very small online business for the reason that large companies advertise in popular websites as they have superior servers which can take care of large traffic.

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Learn How To Market and Make Money Blogging At RoseateMarketingTips.com… Online Marketing Tips – Business Opportunity Blog… Plus Get Updated With The Top Online Contests.

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I’ve heard some people claim that to learn SEO strategies isn’t everything. They’re right… it’s not everything. However, I think it’s right up there with oxygen. Without it, your business will eventually die or at the very least, could dwindle your retirement into oblivious. Wondering how to learn SEO without spending a mint?Are you actively seeking SEO solutions to increase your Google search engine ranking?

Read below as we explain why to learn SEO is a power play in the attainability and positioning or lack of… in your search engine ranking.

Get clarity about this 1 Vital Tip and 10 benefit factors and you’ll soon Out-Produce Your Competition. By learning SEO no-cost marketing technique you’re sure to have your company’s website climb up the serps (search engine results pages) in no time.

What took us years and thousands of dollars to learn you will effortlessly understand; you’ll absorb these SEO Golden Nuggets for the cheapest price ever…FREE. Once you master these must know SEO tips you will get more customers to your site predictably.

Below is the #1 reason and 10 advantages, why it’s critically important to know minimum (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Strategies before starting your online endeavor.

The #1… numero Uno, thing you have to do BEFORE even thinking about writing an article, purchasing a domain name or putting up your website: Without doubt, is to perform the necessary keyword research.
Keyword research is the first most important component to succeeding in online marketing.

Below are 10 benefits as to why you have to learn SEO before moving forward with your internet marketing component of your business.

1.Never submit your articles to article directories, all they do is place a bunch of advertisements on your article and make money off of your efforts…that stink-n- think-n- that will undeniable keep you off the first pages of Google, minimize your back links, and drown you deeper in the ocean of the lost and not found….

2..Keyword research is not that important. Lier, lier, pants on firer!

3..You should pick the most competitive keywords possible… Only if you’re married to Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.

4…You should choose the least competitive keywords… Only if you don’t mind waiting 3000 years before making money.

5.Some people are just lucky, that’s why their site or articles just seems to end up on the first page of Google… People that depend only on luck, lack skills or desire.

6.My website hasn’t been up long enough to reach the first page of Google… Any excuse will do…but not that one.

7.You should have multiple keywords on every page… Only if you want to confuse the customers and the search engines. You’re the only person that won’t be confused…”pray-tell”..you’re already a customer.

8.You should highlight or bold every keyword throughout your pages… Only if your want Google to penalize you for spamming your article or page.

9.You should never place your keyword at the beginning of the first paragraph… Only if you’re interested in keeping your stuff a secret. If so why are you even on the internet?

10.Your keywords should not be in the beginning of your title… Only if you’re planning to offer a bait and switch deal.

Listed above are 10 vital SEO tactics that will give you the competitive edge. These ten SEO techniques will increase web traffic and assist you with formulating a SEO foundation. Without doubt, the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a fancy website, that nobody sees. Regardless to how difficult it may seem to learn SEO, it really doesn’t take a Yale graduate degree to have your article or website show up on the first page of Google, just learn SEO fundamentals.

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Halloween Super Affiliate is a brand NEW Coaching Course created by Brian Johnson. It is a ‘hand-holding, step-by-step and look-over-the-shoulder’ type of training program. The main focus of the course is to teach you how to make money online by promoting popular events like Halloween, American Idol, National Football League, NBA Finals or the World Cup.

You may be wondering… why marketing an event like Halloween?

I am glad you ask this question, let me explain…

Here are some estimated figures from the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey (during the month of September and October)…

In 2006: $4.6 Billion.
In 2007: $5.7 Billion.
In 2008: $6.7 Billion.
In 2009: $7.4 Billion.
In 2010: ????

Do you see the numbers? There are a ton of hungry buyers who are willing to spend money in this niche!

And the above data is ONLY from the Halloween event alone, we have not included the numbers from other popular events such as American Idol, National Football League, NBA Finals and the World Cup.

The money spent in these markets is just STAGGERING!!!

And that is what you are going to learn in the Halloween Super Affiliate Cocahing Course. Brian Johnson will take you by the hand and walk you through the EXACT process step-by-step on how to dominate these markets and make six figure income.

What are you getting when you sign up for the Halloween Super Affiliate Course?

- A full 90 days of live mentoring (packed with over 20 live webinars).

- The exact Super Affiliate blueprints Brian Johnson uses to EARN six figures income online.

- Step-by-step video tutorials where Brian personally takes you by the hand and walk you through every simple task to make sure you don’t miss a trick.

- The Premium WordPress theme Brian uses every day to set up highly optimized websites in about 30-minutes. This Premium theme alone sells for $129.95 and you get it for FREE!

- Professional “Halloween” Header Graphics.

- Three Months Access To Powerful Underground Link Building Network

- HSA Private Mentors Forum.

- Life-time HSA Membership.

Hope you find this review informative.

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If you want to read more detailed reviews, please visit these links: Halloween Super Affiliate Review And Halloween Super Affiliate Review + Bonus.


First impressions are important in many arenas. First dates are a prominent example. In the business world, your first impression often is dictated by the business card you are handed. Color business cards, if not color custom business cards, are a must in today’s marketing world. Take a close look at your current card. What message is it sending? If you either can’t tell or don’t like the answer then it is time for a new round of business card printing.

Without Quality Paper Your Card Turns To Vapor

Those electing to save a few pennies by using cheap paper often have their card quickly end up down the chute and into the incinerator. Quality paper conveys a quality company. Flimsy paper or perforated edges on your business card is like holes on the elbows of your jacket. Firm and textured paper is akin to a sharply pressed and custom fitted shirt.

Test the Ink by Using the Sink

In addition to the quality of the paper it is also important to use only the best ink. There is an easy way to see how good your ink is. Pour a small drop of water on your card. Does the ink run? If so, it is time for new custom business cards. Many cards can have a long hibernation in the drawer of the recipient prior to actually being needed. When the prospect goes to flip through the cards you don’t want a faded card next to your competitor’s sharp color business cards.

Without The Right Words Your Card Is For the Birds

There are obvious components of a business card. Your name is primary among them along with applicable contact information. Your company name is also obviously present. Usually a logo is on the card, and today the company’s web address is also a must. However, this usually is not enough. Either through a slogan or short line of text you must effectively convey who your company is and what service or product you provide. Without this the recipient might forget who you are and be unable to decipher why he took the card in the first place. Away into the circular file it then goes. Not a good end result for your business card printing budget.

Do They Jibe With Your Company’s Vibe?

Your company has an aura. Or, you could call it a style. Your business cards need to match this image. If you own an investment consulting firm, then your card must be precise and highly professional. If you own an extreme sports videography company then obviously your card will be a bit more colorful and wild.

Next time you seek business card printing keep all these considerations in mind. The wrong card can quickly quash a sale. Use custom business cards as a marketing weapon.

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Many people spend hundreds of hours developing and perfecting a new website before submitting it to a web server for the public’s view. You may have a beautiful website with all of the right tools and colors, but how do you let people know the website is there? Perhaps you have a valuable product that everyone needs to buy to make their lives easier, but they just don’t know it exists yet. Below, I have listed some ideas for you to consider and utilize so that millions of internet surfers will know your website exists.

First, tell all of your friends and family. Send an email out to everyone you possibly know explaining your new website and what they can gain from visiting. You might be surprised how word-of-mouth advertising works. Think of the popular, extremely outgoing people you know. These people will likely know thousands of other people and will get the word out about your website much more quickly. Also, if you send a single email to a hundred or so people, it is very easy for them to forward that email to their friends who may be interested in your product or services. This is probably the easiest way to inform people about your website. It is as easy as sending an email.

Second, write articles about your product or service. You don’t have to be an expert, but chances are that you have vast knowledge about certain products that millions of other people are clueless about. All you need to do is create a one or two page document explaining something you are knowledgeable about and submit it to an article database on the internet. These databases, such as the one hosting this article, can have hundreds of thousands of article-writers and millions of articles to choose from. This may not seem like a very attractive option, but it definitely is effective. In a year, you may have tens-of-thousands of viewers for your articles. Not only can they view your articles, but usually you can directly link to your website at the bottom. You will typically find that one to two percent of viewers will click through to your website depending on the content of your articles, which is not a huge percentage, but it is definitely a good start.

Third, be sure to join discussion forums to discuss topics related to your website or product. For example, if you review and sell video games on the internet, then search the internet and join five or ten forums where you can interact with other video game fans. You can tell them about current games, answer questions, give recommendations about games, and most importantly, establish yourself as a knowledgeable and credible video gamer. Also, look for forums where you can place a link to your website at the end in a space called the “signature”, basically a free advertisement for your website. This method usually will not deliver a high volume of customers to your site, but it still gets the word out about your site, and after all, every customer counts.

Fourth, visual advertising or video advertising is a hot method lately. If you have a product or service where you can advertise it through video then you may find websites like YouTube will be greatly beneficial in delivering traffic to your site. Perhaps you can create a video with your product and you can show the public how the product works and tell them verbally why they need this it to improve their lives. Sites like YouTube are some of the most popular websites in the world, and again allow you to advertise your website alongside the video. If your product is something that can be advertised through video, this option is definitely for you.

Lastly, look around next time you are at the library or mall, or even walking to class on campus and you will likely see bulletin boards littered with advertisements and colorful papers everywhere. This is another cheap and easy way to advertise and draw attention to your website. All you need to do is open up a computer program where you can create an attractive document with a good visual of your product or service, and print out a hundred copies of the document. Next time your out walking around, bring the sheets with you along with a good stapler, and put them up every where you can. Be aware that it is illegal to place these papers in some states and certain places, so be sure your advertisement is not in an illegal place. The best places to staple your papers are in public advertisement places such as the ones listed above.

While I have only mentioned five of the more effective ways to advertise your website and show people that your website matters, there are dozens of other ways you can utilize. For example, there are services such as Twitter and Facebook that also allow advertising and can attract more people to your site. All of the mentioned methods are also free for the most part, which is very important. You never need to spend vast amounts of money to make your website known to the public. Many companies will request that you pay twenty five or fifty dollars so they can do the work for you, but this rarely ever works. You will have much better results if you put in the time and do the work yourself. Plus, when your website does take off, and it will if you put in the time, it will feel very good and gratifying that you are successful.

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Daniel Breedlove is the owner and manager of Corner Office Books, the internet’s premier website for reviews and sales of business-related books.


Lets face it! The economy sucks! It’s the worst the nation has seen in a long time! With that in mind follow along as we show you why you need to break away from traditional small business marketing and learn why you need Local SEO Services for your small business.

A good Local SEO Plan for your website can help towards boosting your website’s search engine rankings. Once your site is up, you will then have to start implementing techniques that will aid search engines to locate your website. This technique is called Local SEO or local search engine optimization. The main elements involved with search engine optimization techniques is the text found in your website, links from or to your website and how acceptable you’re website is according to the major search engines. There are many important points to be taken into consideration, with regard to your Local SEO plan’s outcome. The points are as follows:

1) Use relevant Keywords:

Collect a list of keywords which are related to your local business and which are also used by site users. Once you get a list of relevant keywords, try to accommodate these keywords within your sites content. You can also use keywords within your websites domain name. URL’s that contain keywords can be very effective, as far as SEO potential is concerned.

2) Content:

You should provide unique and fresh content for your website on a regular basis. This method will allow your website to become search engine friendly and thus appear good in the eyes of search engines. The end result will be high SEO based page rank for your website. We recommend implementing a blogging platform into your website.

3) Use Web 2.0 Marketing Techniques:

You must be able to create online market awareness strategies. Target your local market by using social media sites like, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter as well as implementing a social bookmarking strategy too. You could also plan out an affiliate marketing plan online, in order to have people promote your local website too.

4) Prepare a Check List:

Before you start your Local SEO plan towards a particular website, get into the habit of preparing a check list in order to define your SEO plan. Your checklist must contain all the aspects of your Local SEO method. While preparing the SEO plan, take into consideration about Keyword, content and code optimization, link building and even blogging activity. You can prepare a sort of a blue print of your SEO plan by creating a defined checklist.

5) Link Building:

You can collect a list of high ranked websites in order to perform link building. You can even buy back links from webmasters. Search engines love back links. Your main aim should be to get as many as relevant high page rank links as possible.

Mostly people, who surf online, often go to search engines in order to find information or new products. If your website has a poor search engine ranking, it will never appear within the first few pages of the search list. If this happens, potential customers will never see your website. It is very important that your website has a decent search engine ranking. Follow all the tips mentioned in this article and you will be on your way to success with your Local SEO plan for your website.

About the Author

FD Musser is the owner of LocallyMotivated.com a Michigan Business Web Marketing Firm.

LocallyMotivated.com a Michigan SEO Firm provides Local Web Marketing services including Local SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, and WordPress Development


So you have your postcard marketing completed. You have already printed your direct mail tool by an excellent professional postcard printing company. You have a strong design and powerful message that would make your target readers take action. The only thing to do now is to make them want to stop sorting out your color postcards and get them to really look at what you have to say.

It’s that easy, right? Actually, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You may have an excellent quality postcard marketing tool, but unless your target clients go past the sorting stage, then all your efforts would just be wasted.

On any given day, your target clients receive hundreds of mail and print ads. Most of them would go to the garbage can, while a few would be fortunate enough to grab the attention of the recipient. And even if you post as many postcards to each of your customer base, there’s still no guarantee that your target readers would read your print ad.

What can you do then to increase your chances of getting read?

Post a personal print ad.
This would mean that you’ve spared no expense in printing your color postcards, as well as hired an experienced postcard printing agency to produce your ad. From the quality of paper stock to the color inks and printing method, your ad speaks of professionalism, dignity, importance, and value. None of the amateur jobs reflected in your print ads.

And for that extra personal touch, you might want to consider special stamps as well as individual stamps to help you appear different from the rest of the junk mail. And what can be more personal than a handwritten note from you regarding your business? You can either do it with your signature or hire a few students who can address your material by hand. The last was suggested by a marketer that has been in the business for many years.

Create a postcard that works as a billboard.
When marketing with billboards, the essential factor that makes it effective is that this type of promotional tool does not try to hide the fact that it’s really an advertisement. And as all billboards go, there’s a sort of teaser that would convince your target readers to take the time out to read your message.

So don’t let all your hard work and effort go to waste. Create a strong postcard marketing campaign and you’ll surely get the leads you need to boost your business.

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